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Hotel Järvsöbaden is situated in Hälsingland, one of Sweden’s most beautiful areas of forests and lakes. Here you will experience Swedish hospitality in a traditional setting.

The hotel, which has its own personal charm and a homey atmosphere, has been run by the same family since 1905. All the rooms are individually decorated to a high standard and have a personal touch.
A Brief History The estate Järvsöbaden is said to have been an inn already in the 16th century. So it was an old tradition that was resumed when it became an inn at Berga in 1857. At that time, the family who had owned the estate for 300 years sold it to a businessman, who became the innkeeper and the holder of the district court.
In 1867, a new owner took over the estate, Olof Pehrson, age 28, grandfather and great-grandfather of the third and fourth generation running Järvsöbaden today. Like the former owner, Olof was a businessman who wanted to change his profession to that of an innkeeper. In 1867 he got his license to keep an inn. Now he was a farmer, an innkeeper and the holder of the district court and worked as such for nearly 35 years at Berga.
Since Olof suffered from rheumatism, he went to a health resort in the southern province to seek a cure for his condition. The family history does not reveal if he actually found some relief to his discomfort but what is known is that at the age of 63 he had the idea of creating a similar health resort at home in Järvsö. The area offered a suitable environment with clear air and water rich in minerals, a building was already available and there was plenty of his own land on which to construct more buildings. Little by little, the venture grew into what should turn
out to be the result of a very fine idea. Olof´s and his wife Amalia´s dream started to be a reality.
In the summer of 1904, the first guests were invited to test the facilities. This trial turned out so well that the health resort Jerfsö-Baden was officially founded the following year, 1905. When the founder died in 1910 at age 71, his widow took over the management, assisted by their sons Pehr, Johan and Olof.
Järvsöbaden lived on past Olof´s and Amalia´s time, assuming more and more the character of a hotel. Health bathing continued to be the foundation of its venture for the next twenty years. Activities were constantly added, the structures renovated and improved. Between 1915 and 1945, Johan, the second son ran the hotel. Pehr, the eldest, had moved away, and Olof took care of the farm.
In 1935, the old health facilities turned into a more cultivated family hotel. After Johan Pehrsons death in 1945, Olof with his five children as well as Pehr´s four children ran the hotel until Olof´s death in 1961, when his daughters Karin, Ella , Margit, Ingrid and Gunborg assumed responsibility of the enterprise, with Ella Ångström and Gunborg Pehrson as managers.
Today, the third and fourth generation is running the hotel, with Per Ångström, son of Ella, as hotel director and his wife Inger Ångström as hotel manager. Together with Gunborg Pehrson, they keep the traditions at Järvsöbaden alive.

Järvsöbaden is well known for its food and good service and offers a traditional Swedish cuisine. Many of the dishes contain berries and vegetables from our own garden. You must try Järvsöbaden’s famous Smörgåsbord. After dinner you can sit and relax in one of the parlors or in the lovely garden.

If you would like a break away from the pressures of modern life, spend some time at Järvsöbaden. The hotel is excellent for parties, big or small, for conferences, group holidays and golf weekends.



43 rooms with a total of 69 beds
All rooms have a shower/wc and TV
Double room incl breakfast: SEK 1.050 – 1.440.
Singel room incl breakfast: SEK 775 – 1.115.
Lunch-buffet between 11:30 and 14 o´clock, SEK 100 – 300.
Dinner-buffet between 18 and 19:30 o´clock, SEK 320 – 390.
Dining-room, conference room for
up to 170 people.
Lounges, games room, cocktail bar.
If you want to see more of our hotel, please go to ”Bilder” on the menu, there you can see more photos.

Activities During summer, outdoor pool, sauna, 9 hole golf course, snooker, table tennis. Fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, downhill biking. During the winter months, downhill skiing is close by and crosscountry skiing also. Snowmobiles tours are available. For more info on activities in Järvsö, go to www.jarvso.se
Location The hotel is situated on the outskirts of Järvsö. 340 km from Stockholm. Travelling time 3,5 hours from Stockholm.

The train from Stockholm takes no more than four hours with three to five Departures daily


Järvzoo is Järvsö´s own animal and nature park. Where you can see wild animals of the Nordic countries in their own natural environments. Also has one of the longest wooden walkways in Europe at 2 miles long.

Stenegård – formally a pharmacy and medical centre in the 1850s. Today, Stenegård is a culture centre where craftsmen have their own shops in the old premises. You will also find a herb garden and a restaurant there.

Järvsö Bergcykel park for downhill biking enthusiasts is walking distance from the hotel.

For more info on attractions and activities in Järvsö, go to Destination Järvsö.

Welcome to Järvsö and Jarvsöbaden!

Telephone 0046 (0)651-404 00
Fax 0046 (0)651-417 37
E-mail info@jarvsobaden.se